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I made it ONE YEAR!

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So, hang in there guys.  Try setting a goal for yourself to see how long you can go without doing it.  I think you might surprise yourself at how good you can feel about not doing it.  You have the strength within you somewhere... I myself, at one point, would do it every single night.  Couldn't get through 24 hours without it.  And now?  I've done 365 times that!

Good luck.  I know you all can do it. ;)



Fanfuckingtastic! I love good news like this. Thanks for sharing it with us.


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What a huge accomplishment!

definately cause for celebration-do something special for yourself!!

You should feel so proud- you've had a year to find alternative ways of coping- thats so awesome.

I once had a pdoc tell me that cutting was more addictive than heroin! ( so you are officially in rehab!! YAY!!)

(it does get easier- at least it did for me- its been about 10 years and i rarely think about it. every once in a while when i get really really angry, but i can tell myself i have other ways and i don't want to be addicted- its worked!!

Good luck and again congrats!!!!

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