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Support and Sympathy needed

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I’ve been manic and crazy sexual and thought some pretty out of character things. That’s part of the whole manic experience for many of us. I’m glad you’re coming down from all the chaos and hope you have escaped harm. Keep, or start, taking your meds and try to remember how it started so you can head it off next time. It’s easy to let shame and regret kick in but realize your brain chemistry was off.  Stay in touch, I know many here understand. 

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Keep fighting for yourself, @orangey123.  I deal with hypersexuality too.  Prostitution has also crossed my mind in my lowest moments.  And I tend to burn bridges when depressed.  Write down what you know to be true when you are not hypomanic.  Put them where you'll have to see them, so that if you're hypomanic again, you'll be reminded.  My health-craving self has to fight for my diseased self.  I advocate for her.  I pick her up when she falls down.  I keep fighting for her.  I keep fighting for me.

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