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My WBC count was 10.5 and is now 7.4. It was on the high end of acceptable range and it is now on the middle ish end of the acceptable range. 

Does this mean it is going to keep dropping until it is in the unacceptable range? To a too low of a count? Is this a bad sign?

Also my heart test thing went up from 0 to in the middle range, but still in the acceptable range. 

I'm worried but pdoc has not said a word. 

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1 hour ago, jt07 said:

I think some degree of a drop in WBC is normal for people on Clozapine. As CrazyRedhead said, just keep getting the tests. Try not to panic and jump to conclusions.

Mine fluctuates all the time within normal rage without issue. The normal blood tests should keep everything safe 

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