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withdrawal that quickly?

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I missed my medication this morning initially (I was feeling awful enough that I came back home to take it and then went back to work).  I'm curious whether withdrawal symptoms can kick in really quickly or if it's just a coincidence.  I feel better now that I've taken them.  But they were delayed by about 5 hours and that was after taking night-time medication early last night. 

In the morning, I take 250 mg lamictal, 150 mg lithium, and 100 mcg synthroid.

The symptoms were feeling like my thoughts were really hazy, slight depersonalization, and a pretty nasty headache. 

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I missed my Lamictal last night. I couldn't remember if I had taken it or not so I didn't take another dose. 3 hours later I felt sick and dizzy, like I was swaying and had a seizure. Oh and weirdly my fingers started aching really badly. Even though I've taken my morning dose I still feel a little headachy. I guess any sudden drop in medication levels is going to have a negative effect.

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