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Stimulants help: Reaching full/better coverage?

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I just re-instated Ritalin (after about a 3-month break) My pdoc said I could "play" with the dosage a bit, because I was previously on a low dose (20mg extended morning, sometimes added 10mgIR afternoons). Problem is, coverage is very inconsistent. I've started loads of focus-intensive work/required research/reading projects, and I really depend on it more to function in this role.

I'm getting really varied effects from it...not sure what to do. It helps me focus on detailed tasks - and I start out feeling no appetite/nauseous (which is normal effect, I always eat decent breakfast like oats/yogurt/water, about 40 minutes after taking it), but then I'm starving like 3 hours later, and really physically tired fairly quickly (on extended dose)...I took a 10mgIR dose (after eating lunch, feeling physically tired) and I can still mentally focus fine, but still feel very tired,  like I need to lay down and I'm still abnormally hungry!! Is it simply not working as it should, or am I metabolising too fast?

I'm not sure how to adjust my dosage or what works best for you guys? Really bummed out, I need this to work. I don't want to be popping it like candy all day!

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8 minutes ago, Blahblah said:

Just to add note: I am a regular coffee drinker. Only 2 cups per day  (mornings) and I always wait over an hour after taking ritalin to drink it. I enjoy it and its part of my morning routine, so ideally I don't have to quit the coffee

That super hungry thing happens to me too. Very annoying, cuz we hoped adderall would supress hunger so I'd lose weight.

a couple ideas... Obviously I don't know how flexible ur pdoc is but just to think about

1) ditch the long acting and just do the IR 3 times a day (10-10-10) this helped me with adderall

2) turn the 10 IR into la as well so do 20 LA and then 10 LA a few hours later...you'd have to find the sweet spot between not enough afternoon coverage and too much energy at night

3) increase the IR if possible

4) maybe switch formulations (Concerta, or one of the other long acting brands) hope that helps!

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3 hours ago, Blahblah said:

  I'm not sure how to adjust my dosage or what works best for you guys? Really bummed out, I need this to work. I don't want to be popping it like candy all day!

I assume you are taking the Ritalin-SR20 in the morning?.....This article suggests the Ritalin-SR20 release process can be inconsistent:


According to article, in the Ritalin-SR20 , sometimes the release process lasts 6 hours, and sometimes lasts only 3 hours.!!......That might explain your lunchtime "crash".

The article also mentions some other forms of extended release Ritalin that could provide longer-lasting coverage than the Ritalin SR, such as Metadate ER, Metadate CD, and Concerta.

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Thanks for the tips. I'll keep experimenting. I thought I was on the Ritalin extended that lasted longer than the SR....I'm aware that the SR has a different release mechanism (possibly subpar/inconsistent)... Hopefully I'll find the sweet spot, and not have to keep increasing the dosing.

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