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Will taking 10mg of zyprexa make me fatter than just 5mg

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44 minutes ago, themechanist said:

 Will taking ten mg make me fatter? 

It's not guaranteed that you'll gain more weight on 10mg vs 5mg,  but it is possible.....It could depend on some individual factors, such as:

........What other meds you're taking with it

.........Gender (women are more likely to gain)

.........Diet and exercise (do you eat a low calorie/low carb diet, and get regular exercise?)

Is your doc recommending 10mg now, instead of 5mg?

I have no personal experience with Zyprexa, so hopefully some other members who have taken it will reply soon.......As a side note, I have tried Seroquel--it made me gain weight, so I had to stop it and try another option.......Right now I'm on Abilify 15mg, and so far, have not gained any weight on it.

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