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I've taken Li under 2 different pdocs. Neither ever got me blood tested. They just started me out on 300mg and raised it to 900 eventually. Can they do that? It made my hair fall out and made me stupid. Was this Lithium toxicity?

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I've had one that didn't want to test me for lithium, but I've taken lithium before and had regular tests done by that pdoc so I knew that prolly wasn't the route to go.

This last one wanted to give me huge doses without any tests at all as well as trying to get me to eat topomax by the handful. Two of the worst drugs on your liver.

He suggested I 'Take the medicine I recommend. I AM the doctor.'

I suggested he go fuck a chicken.

I hate male shrinks.

According to the stuff I can find it might've been.

Drowsiness and lack of coordination are among the early signs.

At higher levels giddiness, ataxia, blurred vision, etc are the symptoms.

http://www.emedicine.com/emerg/topic301.htm has some good information on the symptoms.

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Heya Loon,

1.  Hair loss and stupidity are common lithium effects and not indicating toxicity.

2.  Those guys are idiots.

Lithium has a very *tight* range between therapeutic and toxic.

After any dosage increase you need a level.

Every three months or so you need a level and kidney function tests.

Every 6 months to a year you need a thyroid level.

You're right.  Bring in the monograph if you have to.

900mg is usually safe, but so very dependent on your individual metabolism that you need a freaking level taken.

Li toxicity is bad.

You sound okay, but push to get a level before any increase in dose. 

Recruit your pharmacist.


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What ncc said.  Also, they shouldn't be allowed to practise medicine if they didn't do any blood tests for someone on Lithium.  My pdoc does liver and kidney and other stuff for just about every drug I try.  I guess I got lucky and got a good pdoc on the first try.

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