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I just wondered if anyone is on Brivarcetam for epilepsy and what their feelings about it are? I have a new neuro and he wants to try me on Cabamazepine but I was looking up meds and this one kinda caught my eye. I want a drug with no weight gain, sexual side effects or problems with my moods but I know I'm probably asking way to much. 

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On 12/10/2018 at 7:41 AM, notloki said:

Have you tried Keppra ? It is in the same family as Brivaracetam, all the drugs ending in -racetam are in this family and have similar characteristics, such as being an anticonvulsive. 


They wouldn't try me on Keppra due to my mental health history. I was hoping they would let me try brivaracetam as it isn't supposed to have as many side effects. It doesn't look to of been prescribed for long over here and I can't see that many reviews on it. They've given me gabapentine which I don't want to take. I just want a drug that doesn't make me gain weight or destroys my sex life. Oh and it should also control the seizures as well. 

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