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Clozapine and WBC and Neutrophils - higher than they should be?

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Why are my WBC and Neutrophils over the normal limit and higher than they should be? I got a letter from my pdoc saying we will continue to monitor them but no changes will be made right now. 

What does this mean for me health wise?

Yet at my appointment she didn't bring this up and she actually *increased* the Clozapine by doubling it to 200 mg. 

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In the past,  I've had my WBC numbers be above normal.  That's totally fine.  You can continue to take clozapine.

In some cases (according to my pdoc), your WBC can go up for something as simple as a cold.

Liked said above, only need to worry if the count goes low.

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Dont worry if they are high. Thats just your body fighting a bug. Worry if they drop. I dont know if the same scale is used where you are but the neutrophil (a type of white cell) level has to be above 2.0. Mine fell to 0.8 so I had to stop clozapine straight away. My platelets also dropped.

I had neutropenia a precurser to angranulocytosis. Dont be worried though. Through regular monitoring the doctor can spot things happening before you become sick

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