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How long does it take the sexual side effects of zyprexa to wear off once you stop taking it?

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My doctor switched me to Vraylar and told me the sexual side effects would stop. Well the depression stopped big time, the sleeping 12 hours a day stopped HARD(a little too hard), the anxiety got amped up a notch but it hasn't been terrible for years and still isn't too bad.

I'm on this stuff for schizophrenia and I think it handles that better than the Zyprexa did. I was like 80% ok on the zyprexa but would sometimes say stuff to myself.


What annoys me is he said my sexual dysfunction would go away. I've been completely off Zyprexa for 2 weeks after having been taking it for years. He also stopped my abilify which combatted that side effect. Now all I'm on is 3mg of Vraylar and a light dose of as needed Klonopin.

The sexual side effects haven't stopped, they're slightly better in some ways and slightly worse in others. Mostly the same. I'm a male. This is irritating. I heard something about the metabolic effects of Zyprexa taking a while to wear off, but nobody was specific on what "a while" was. I know that the metabolic crap is what causes the sexual side effects. 


I spent 10 years making up excuses as to why I don't have a girlfriend, but the truth is, sex has been really boring and still is. I get a girlfriend every once in a while and then don't see the point.


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