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visual brain like aura disturbance

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I had my first one back in 2016.  It comes if I exercise real hard,  Get caught in busy traffic, too hot outside in the sun, long plane trips, stress and lack of sleep.  Energy drinks and coffee make it worse.  

To the best of my ability to describe it.. I'll feel it coming on slow like there is something amiss with my awareness the way I perceive the surroundings, like dark silhouettes, black contrast anything black gets amplified, and I know its not happening in my eyes because I can see fine.  My heart starts beating fast and I get scared and have anxiety.  I know its taking place in my brain, after I lay down and am still for like 30 minutes they usually subside.  I think its environmental something to do with my meds also.. I do not know if there is a treatment for it.  I take fluphenazine, lamictal, and zoloft.

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