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Trintellix and OCD?

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My Pdoc has me on 30 mg. Remeron and 20 mg. Trintellix (now for three three weeks) for OCD intrusive thoughts.   For years I responded great to low dose Luvox (30 mg, yes, that low) and when that stopped working I was on Cymbalta 30 mg for 8 years (yes, that low of a dose) and it worked great too.  Then stopped.  I had the Peter Kramer Better than Well response to both drugs.   Now, my functionality has returned a bit (major depression alongside the Ocd thoughts), but no lift in mood or help with the intrusive thoughts.  I'm willing to give the Trintellix more time but I really don't see much reason for the Remeron given I was sleeping fine anyway.  Any thoughts on Trintellix and OCD.   Or on the Remeron.  Thanks for your consideration.  

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I'm not a doctor, but I have OCD. I was always told that Luvox and Prozac were the major drugs for OCD. Is thee a reason he stopped that low. I was on Luxox CR, I think it was called, and I was on a really high dose. My question mark button is messed up but do you think upping the Luvox or switching to Luvox CR might help, may have a different name now since it's generic/ Zoloft and Paxil are also used for OCD. I don't know much about Trintellix so I can't say how much it effects OCD, I just remember the old standard drugs. Sorry I can't be of more help.

I was on Remeron when I was hospitalized back in 2012, but was taken off quickly when I was out because of weight gain and how sleepy it makes you. Hope you find something that helps you.







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My Cymbalta experience is similar to your.
As per my pdoc, Remeron is strictly off the table.

Last time on the med-go-round I tried Trintellix (5mg,10mg,20mg) for my OCD, staying on Abilify at the same time.

It did nothing for my condition...
On the other hand - no side effects and no discontinuation problems either.

After stopping Trintellix I was put back on Cymbalta and it worked pretty well. Effexor with an equivalent dose works well too.

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