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Thank you CB and everyone here!

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Just a positive note here of gratitude and thanks to this community (I wanted to post in a visible place, maybe mods you can add a "testimonials" section? :D). I just donated to CB (and want to encourage others here to also) and have been thinking a lot how grateful I am that it exists. Thank you (CB creator, mods, and everyone that writes here) for all you do between managing & moderating this site, holding space for everyone - and of course, I appreciate everyone that engages here (some participating for many years). I wonder if there are ways we can spread the word (even anonymously) to get other outsiders to join and engage?

CB has helped me immensely in the last 2 years (often when meds and therapy have failed) Many people here are isolated and have no one: No therapist, no family, no coworkers, no spouse, no pets, no friends. We experience not only garden-variety depression and general anxiety, but many of us are suffering from suicidal thoughts, severe trauma, delusions, agoraphobia, psychotic disorders in which no therapist can every really understand since this is our lived reality (you cannot learn about what these conditions are really like just by reading a case study, drug trial reports or theoretical academic papers!) People have no hope, are falling through the cracks and I truly hope the site remains up and running for a long time.

We live in a crazy f'd up world right now and we need all the peer support and validation we can get!

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@Blahblah - Thank you for the kind words, and we're glad that you've found some solace and some help in our online asylum. CB isn't for everyone, but you found that it was for you, and we're glad you've stuck with us as a member, not only to gain from the resource here, but just as importantly, in contributing your valuable life experience and perspectives in your posts. Crazyboards IS our members in a very real way - its very fabric is made of the lives of people brave enough to struggle against their MI and share it with each other in peer support here, and with a broader world. As I write this, the site stands at 797,207 posts - over three quarters of a million lunatic posts - spanning 13 years since Crazyboards first became a free-standing and independent peer support forum. I know personally that we've changed lives. I know we've saved lives.

With the continued help and commitment of all of our members, may we continue to do so.


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