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Is it worth it to go to this psychologist?

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At one time I paid to have some testing of dissociative disorders by a psychologist who is not on my insurance. He was really good, touched on some topics that no one ever asks about and seemed to understand me well. I do not have DID. I have DP and possibly DDNOS with fragments. No borderline pd or ptsd according to the tests.

I am now seeing a tdoc on my insurance.  My copay is low.  I like her and we have made progress. She has seen the report from the psychologist.

I was at a meeting and his name came up.  This woman has different issues than me, but dissociative ones, too.  She was saying she would like to see him, but it is expensive. Someone else chimed in that he is good.  I told her, if you can afford it, you should see him.

Then I started thinking, maybe I should take my own advice. My insurance covers out of network 60%.

I am thinking of contacting him just to see if he is taking patients and what he charges.  He does not do sliding scale.

I am doing well, but I feel broken. My confidence swings up and down.

I have not been dissociating more than usual-for me it is short and I notice it when I am startled that things are real. Sometimes, I stare into space.

My primary issue is schizoaffective disorder. I have most psychotic symptoms under control. I am still really anxious and insecure. The worse my anxiety the more I dissociate.


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