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Intranasal ketamine - anyone else?

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hey. I used to post quite a bit on crazymeds. When it died, I stopped online posting. But now I'm looking for info....

Now. If you can see from my sig, my brain is weird. A major TBI may be a contributing factor to lots of med resistance. I've been stable for years, but had a major down (suicidal, plan, yada yada , although I didn't tell pdoc the severity, but he knew something was bad). Pdoc gave me three choices: inpatient (been twice. I hate it. and it's expensive). ECT (rough on my memory and cognitive function since a TBI). Ketamine.

I choose ketamine.

But I couldn't afford infusions. Since I've known this pdoc for a long time, and he knows me well, he gave me intranasal ketamine. I had to get it at a compounding pharmacy.

Pulled me out of the dark hole, but I needed to snort it every other day. One spray in each nostril, every 10 minutes, 5 times.

I'm kind of tired of it, so I scaled back to twice a week.

Last pdoc visit, I was hoping to get off it, but he wants it more as a long term. I know studies are sparse. I'm wondering if anyone has any experience. I can't find much about it online.

First two weeks - I had a general sense of well-being. Not manic. Just peace. No suicidality. The well-being wore off. I'd say I'm depressive, but not severe. Suicidality is gone. I think that's why he wants me on it. I dislike feeling high. And I don't like the loss of the feeling of well-being. 


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