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16 minutes ago, Inanlae said:

What is the difference?  How does Propranolol help your anxiety versus Clonazepam?

Dependance refers to the physical symptoms, such as becoming tolerant and having marked wothdrawl when you stop. Addiction refers to behavioral changes, such as reckless behavior and prioritizing the drug over other important things. Propanalol (inderal) is usually used to treat the physical symptoms of anxiety (such as heart racing) It is a beta blocker so it doesn't hit the GABA receptors like klonipin. You can take it 2 or 3 (three can be better depending on the coverage you need) times a day, but I also know people who take it PRN. How much klonipin are u taking? 

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IT depends on what you are doing to avoid withdrawal. IF you are taking more than prescribed that could indicate addiction. Running out early could also indicate addiction. I think Iceberg wroe a good description of addiction vs. dependence. Propranolol can be used as needed or all the time. If anxiety comes and goes, prn dosing makes sense. I have a hand tremor caused by abilify which is constant so prn dosing makes no sense.

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In 2017 I was yanked off three mg a day kpin. 


I fired the docs and got back on the script I had from the previous doc and weaned myself from that summer to March of 2018. 

It was a lot easier given that fact I went thru hell for three months off such a high dose. 



Ive been clean since April of last year and hardly even think about it anymore. Yes I have anxiety but I never want to run into that situation where I have no control and have to come off of it again. 


It can can be done I promise you. 


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