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Switched from Effexor to Pristiq

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I was swiched from effexor 112.5 to Pristiq 50.

Its basically the same med but its been a week and I dont feel any difference.  I have tried all the ssri and so forth.  And 50 seems to be the therapeutic dose. All I need is to raise it and get agitated.  Dont know what to do.

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I am going back to Effexor XR. It is basically the same med. But at least with Effexor I know what I am taking. Pristiq 50 is probably about equal to effexor 75. Which is why I had the brain zaps when I switched.  I was in effexor 112.5. I am going back to that dose and eventually will try to go up to 150. Which is what my pdoc wanted in the first place before she decided to switch me. I hate this doom and gloom feeling i have. Plus I am having a surgery in which I have to crush my meds and since pristiq is er or xr or dr....it cant be crushed.  So thats my final decision.

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