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Favorite DBT Skill and Why?

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I have a few.

Radical acceptance is a great skill - I don't know if I would say favourite, because it's so difficult and painful, I struggle with it, but it definitely brings a new perspective.  For me, willingness/effectively go along with radical acceptance, and those are also useful to me.  I use half smile/willing hands a lot throughout the day.

Probably my favourite skill in a pinch is IMPROVE - simple, soothing, and you can do it anywhere.

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On 11/8/2018 at 3:54 PM, Inanlae said:

Mine is radical acceptance.  It centers me.  I had a ring made, with the initials "RA" to remind me.  Honourable mention to "ride the wave" and "opposite to emotion action."  More reminder rings to come.

Opposite to Emotion Mind is either Wise Mind or Logic Mind, which on the spectrum do you want to be?

Like your idea of reminder rings.


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Opposite action is one of my favorites - anything to redirect painful moments.

Present Moment activities such as touch, observe, feel, hear, taste - to use all the senses to ground myself.

I have taken several classes in DBT.  I have all of M. Linehan's DVD's. Need to get it out again. 

Wishing we could start a thread here, like a mini course for those of us interested to follow and interact with.

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