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Who am i gonna call? Ghost Busters?

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But seriously, do I call my insurance company straight up and ask how much IOP is gonna cost me? 


Do I wait to see if pdoc even gives me a referral to go IOP and then call IOP and have them do the leg work and have them tell me the cost?

I hate the phone. The insurance company sounds more intimidating. So I’m hoping the IOP can make the calls for me? Hopefully?

Anyone have any insight, knowledge, or experiences with this? I don’t want to get stuck with a $5,000 bill. Hell IP is free since I have Medicare part A. Just the ER visit would cost us. Yikes. It’s expensive to be MI. Damn expensive. I don’t know if we can even afford the ER visit. Ugh. 

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I would call the insurance company to find out if they will cover the IOP and how much you will be responsible for. Otherwise, if it is too expensive for you then you will just be wasting your pdoc's time giving you a referral. The insurance company holds the purse strings. 

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I say call IOP straight up. Don’t wait for a referral, call them directly and say your care team is evaluating options and unfortunately financial cost is part of that. With insurance X, you need to know what the rate will be per day. This is completely reasonable and something that really only they will know because it is largely based on how they code your chart for billing. 

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