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So, have been battling with my HMO about soo many things.  I have several complaints in to Medicare too, but the thing with my HMO, they can refuse to send my medical records to CMS (Medicare) and Medicare will close my case, so unfair.

Yesterday,  I went over a 5 page letter of issues with my HMO.  One issue I have with their prescriptions, is that if I do not call in to refill a prescription in 3 months, they will automatically cancel the prescription and I have to go back to my ordering physician to put in a new refill for me.  I was trying to refill Medropred for my status migraine and found out the system automatically cancelled the prescription.  This is a PRN medication and I only take it as needed, but my HMO will not hold open a medication for more than 3 months before they discontinue my script.  I am outraged about this.

Also, with labs, my HMO will cancel a standing order if I do not go within 30 days to have labwork done.  Some months, I can barely get out of bed, let alone travel far to the lab.

I want to get away from this HMO, but I get free prescriptions and free co-pays and I never go into the donut hole as I am covered 100%.  The beauty of this HMO is that it's a cost plan thru Medicare and I can go outside the plan and see a specialist.  However, Medicare is going to stop this Cost Plan in 2020 because Medicare is paying out too much money (80%).  I want to start a secondary plan and drop this HMO but because of my cancer background, my monthly premium quoted to me was quite high. 

 There are many other issues I am battling now, will see how my HMO answers all my questions. 

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17 hours ago, notloki said:

I don't' think Medicare allows 90 day fills of Schedule II meds but they seem to allow everything else in a 90 day fill, getting a 90 day fill would avoid having scripts becoming invalid.

I have been getting 90 day refills until recently. Still looking into this.  Planning ahead and all my PRN's will continue to fill monthly.  Learning how to play the system with my HMO. 

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    • By Evenstar
      Hi there. I haven't posted on here for a while. But I badly need help and information. I'm moving to the US, arriving on May 14th in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. I will be living with my partner and will be under an F2 visa - spouse. My partner is a graduate student in the University of Alabama. She has full coverage including mental health. Unfortunately, her dependents will not be covered so I need to buy an insurance for myself because I imagine it will be super expensive consulting with psychiatrists without coverage. I have Bipolar II and ADHD. So far, I am doing okay on my meds so mostly I just need to consult to get prescriptions regularly. I can only bring up to 3 months supply of meds or the TSA will be very suspicious what I'm going to do with them. And of course, unavoidable circumstances might happen so it's better to be covered. 
      The visitor insurance I've been looking at online from different companies all DON'T cover preexisting conditions. The problem is I have also been recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and polycystic ovaries. So I'm really going to bleed a huge amount of money consulting with doctors if I don't find a health insurance that would cover outpatient and preexisting conditions. Take note that I will not have an SSN because I am only on F2 - a dependent of an F1 (student). So I am not eligible for most compliant health plans. What I'm looking at are visitor insurance plans. There is one company, Cigna which provided me with a quote of a compliant health plan (that is for visitors) but it's amounting to almost $200 a month. I don't think it even includes outpatient care. Another company is offering about $600 a month! That's insane. 
      I won't be able to afford more than $100 monthly, $200 maybe if really no choice maybe I can push my budget a little bit. I'd like to point out that my visa is not valid for working in the US so I will not have a job when I get there. I will have income from my online business but it's not a lot of money. My partner can cover most of our expenses but will be very limited to pay for all my health needs.
      Can somebody please help me with some information on what I can get? What alternatives do I have and is it really THAT expensive?
      Also, if I end up getting an insurance that does not cover outpatient care and preexisting conditions - could you please give me an idea how much I have to spend per consultation to a psychiatrist to get meds and all, without insurance? If you know how much endocrinologists or cardiologists charge (for my diabetes) that would be great also. And how much are meds typically? I haven't updated my signature but right now I am on - Lamical and Solian (Amisulpride), and as needed Xanor and Ritalin. 
      Thank you so much! Looking forward to your informative responses.
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      I've already used double the amount of time off i have and I'm potentially losing my heath insurance Friday and I'm still in a day program (Partial Hospitalization Program) for treatment.  I'm losing money by the day and my therapist says "you should be eligible for short term disability benefits" - but mine does not cover mental illness and/or pre-existing conditions.
      I work in Massachusetts, does anyone know if there are any options for short-term disability coverage for mental illness?  I don't even know if I can file a claim after the fact, but it's so frustrating that it is so impossible to find any information.  I'm jealous of people who have jobs that provide advocates for them to figure this crap out for them.
      Any help or words of encouragement would be greatly appreciated!  Thank you  
    • By vectorgirl
      In December my former employer's COBRA payment is going up to $700 - I need to buy my own plan, like, now because I'm in a partial day hospitalization program and outpatient program after that that's extending into December.

      I can't find a plan anywhere that covers mental and behaviorial health on any of the websites - I know starting in January the Affordable Health Care things start, but what do I do for December? Does anyone have a plan they like?
    • By Silvaticus
      I was fired from my full-time job that I had for 10 years about a month ago, leaving me with no health insurance until January when the Affordable Care Act takes effect.  My medication (citalopram) isn't working and I just feel like shit.  In addition to depression, I'm diagnosed with ADHD, and I strongly suspect that I may have social anxiety, although that's never been diagnosed. 
      Since I lost my job, I've decided to be a stay at home mom to my daughter, which is wonderful, but I tend to get a bit weird when I don't see others very often, which of late is just my state of affairs.  I talk to my mom once a day and see my husband and my daughter, but that's about it.  I don't even like to go outside into our yard because we have an obnoxious old lady neighbor who always has some thing to say in the way of "advice".  When I was feeling better, I thought it was funny, but now I just can't deal with it, so I just don't go outside unless I have to.  I am so freaking depressed that I can't even bring myself to go visit my best friend who basically shares a backyard with me (of course, I can't do that anyway right now because she's on vacation).
      I have no energyto do anything.  I have little to no patience with my daughter, who is 4 and deserves better.  I'm not currently suicidal, but I know my pattern and I'm heading in that direction if I don't do something.  I just don't know what to do.  Without health insurance, I can't afford to go to the pdoc.
    • By Odetta
      My husband is changing jobs, so I'm filling out the insurance paperwork. This is group insurance - medical, dental, vision, scripts, life, Std, Ltd, all of it. I've done this before as each one of us has made career moves.

      However this is the first time I've had to fill out an evidence of insurability form. Is this a new thing for everyone? Is this just bad insurance that the company is offering? It makes me worry that they won't cover my bipolar or my kids ADHD since they're pre-existing conditions (even though we're going straight from one insurance plan to another with no breaks).

      The crazy part is that we're going from one United Healthcare plan to another United Healthcare plan.

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