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Gotten over my fear? Why do I still feel anxious?

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..the whole vomiting thing. (i am an emetaphobe.. or.. was?)


In case anyone doesn't know that having BM can trigger a panic attack in emets, it does. Well last night I was in the bathroom A LOT. And I know when my BM means that I have the stomach flu and I am going to vomit. Well my BM turned into that and at first I started to freak out and it usually takes me about.. 2 hours to get over it if I get a hunger feeling (lets me know my stomach is 'working' and it's not sick) or until I fall asleep or have a normal BM instead of the diarhea that caused the panic, but instead.. after 5 minutes it went away and I did my normal routines to make sure i didn't look sick and that i didn't have pain in my stomach, just my gut.

What is getting to me is why did something that used to cause me to get a full blown PA that made me feel completley and out of control just stop? Not just that, but I feel like I am having other problems that I don't about yet. Can you develop a new disorder after 7 years of the same one after you feel you have gotten over it?   

Is it because I am on meds? Or is there now something wrong with me and my docs just told me that I had a fear of vomiting with PA's and couldn't really find out what was really wrong with me. But before I was always scared of vomiting and being around someone vomiting. Maybe it's because I am thinking of having children soon and I know that most likely I will have morning sickness that will cause me to vomit. I don't know. I am just very confused about it right now.


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Whilst the specific cause of your panic attacks might change over time, its quite likely you are sufferring from the same condition, albeit with new specific triggers. 

Old stuff can return and new stuff can emerge, unfortunately.  If it causes panic attacks thought, its quite likely to be the same problem with new triggers. 

Now, first off you should see a dr about the physical side of your condition - just to rule any physical problems out.  I know a friend of mine has IBS which is directly triggered by anxiety.  She can now take a tablet for the IBS as well as the anxiety, which really helps because a benzo alone doesnt stop the IBS.

Its also important to keep your primary care dr (hopefully a psychiatrist) informed and updated.

As for the specific trigger issues, these may respond well to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, which either your p-doc or t-doc should be able to help you with.

Good luck, and keep posting.


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