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Error msg from antivirus software

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I messed around with my computer last night, but I don't think I changed any major settings, but for the last couple of hours I've been getting the following message when browsing:

"The Web site that you are accessing cannot be rated. A server or connection error occurred. Check your Internet connection, and then try again."

The page I'm trying to access (typically something on Crazy Talk, but other pages as well) eventually loads. I think it's banner ads that are causing a problem. I'd have no problem if these didn't load, but it's taking forever (okay.... several seconds) for the page I actually want to see to load before I get the message above and the the page loads.

I'm using Trend Micro PC-cillan Internet Security (full version, completely up-to-date, etc.). The message is coming from that application. I'm using Mozilla Firefox (recently updated).

Any ideas, anyone? I already made sure that crazyboards.org is on the "Web filter exception list" (in PC-cillan). Grrr.

Edited to add: it just stopped happening. At least momentarily. Maybe my wireless internet was just being intermittently flakey. *shakes head*

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Yeah, it was the strangest thing. I was getting that error for about an hour and literally, the minute I made this post, it stopped. Isn't that how it always works? If only all my problems could be solved by simply posting on Crazy Boards that they!

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