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Healing Scars?

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...so the past few months have been rough and I cut up my legs pretty bad.  They're pretty much healed up, but unfortunately I picked off a few of the scabs and the rest fell off in the shower.  So now I'm left with white gashes of varying lengths in my legs.

I go home for Spring Break in two days...fun.  Mom doesn't know I've been cutting.  I have a darkened area [obviously a healed cut from a blade] on my left hand- but I put cocoa butter and this scar cream called Dermarest on it pretty much daily for a little over two weeks.  Plus I wear alot of plastic bracelets and bought some wrist sweat bands- so that scars alright.

I'm just going to keep on socks and pull them up as far as they'll go and wear pants and hope she doesn't see my legs..

But what is the best thing to put on scars for them to fade?

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Since you don't have much time, there is a product out there by Sally Hansen (a cosmetic) that is like an air-brush for your legs. I used to wear it to work and people thought I was wearing nylons. You could try that. It stays on for days and is water proof.

For the long-term there are things on the market to heal scars somewhat, and coco butter is used by mothers to get rid of stretch marks. Maybe it would help with scars too.

I honestly don't know. I'm not a cutter, just crazy.

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