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Has anyone tried Gabapebtin for anxiety?

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I'm currently taking 187.5mg of Effexor and 2MG of Klonopin daily. I've had a major set back and some recent medical issues that have put me in a spiral. The doctor said I can raise the Effexor to 225MG, which is the dose that most people need for anxiety. I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks.  Has anyone added Gabapentin to the mix? I've heard this can help you get off a benzo and help calm the mind.   I tried a low dose of 100MG with lexepro a year or two ago and I felt high for a day or two and then I started to shake, which gave me anxiety. I gave up after a week. IS this something I should talk to my doctor about trying again? I'd love to get off the klonopin, but need to stabilize on the right meds. I'm sick of living a life of anxiety and panic.

I should add that I do go to counseling every other week. I try to exercise daily and try to meditate, which does help sometimes.  What are your thoughts on Gabapentin?

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3 hours ago, Ethansmom said:

 What are your thoughts on Gabapentin?

This is only my experience, but Gabapentin didn't help my anxiety.

100mg is a very low dose though........You probably would need a higher dose to give it a fair chance if you decide to try again.

I would say, discuss it with your pdoc and see what the doc thinks.

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ok, Thank you both!   @Juniper29  How does it help your anxiety? Does it slow down your anxious thoughts? Just curious. Thank you! I'm feeling very anxious this week. I'm about to start my period and i feel like i can't breathe and want to jump out of my skin. Klonopin is barely touching the anxiety. I also had an ultrasound for some female problems i'm having so my mind is running wild. I just feel like the effexor is not enough. I may have to increase the dose this week.

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So when I first read ur post I hadn't heard too much about it causing shaking but I looked it up and it seems to be somewhat common, so I think that probably the only way to know would be to try it again. I tried it up to 600x3 and I think it helped a little prophylacticly but not for acute spikes 

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