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My brief period (6 months) on Sertraline has been that it sapped my creativity and basically made me not want to do anything, not feel anything. I just sit at the computer and watch videos and occasionally walk around, or eat, or go to the bathroom. I just don't have any drive to really do very much of anything, except what is needed for continued survival. I don’t even want to watch movies and series!

Is that normal?

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1 hour ago, Juniper29 said:

I personally did not have this experience on sertraline, but I have heard it’s common. Is this the first antidepressant you’ve tried? It might be worth trying something else.

Yes, it is my first antidepressant.

Are there good alternatives?

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7 hours ago, argh said:

Wellbutrin is pretty much the polar opposite. It's an AD but not an SSRI.

Allegedly not great if you have anxiety however.

In fact, Wellbutrin is often combined with Zoloft, since Wellbutrin is an NDRI and Zoloft is supposedly an "SDRI," so you get a triple reuptake effect with a double effect on dopamine. It's whether the prescriber would be willing to do it or not though.

@Glatoss, this could be something to discuss with your doc/pdoc. Or if you just really don't like the sertraline at all, want off it completely, and want to try something different, fluoxetine is usually pretty stimulating for most people. The advantage about fluoxetine is that it is a 5-HT2C antagonist, which is a serotonin receptor (and it blocks it). The advantage of this is normally when SSRIs increase serotonin, it does so and indiscriminately stimulates all serotonin receptor subtypes, causing a lot of the negative startup side effects, but also causing some of the latent side effects that some people feel (like "zombification"). This zombifying effect is thought to be due to excessive stimulation of the 5-HT2C receptors, which cuts off production of dopamine and norepinephrine, which are neurotransmitters that are responsible for reward and motivation. Fluoxetine and other medicines that antagonize (or block) these receptors disinhibits dopamine and norepinephrine release (cuts the brakeline in effect). This effect is especially prominent in higher doses, but you don't want to escalate the dose of fluoxetine too quickly. It takes a while to build up in your system. But since you've already been on an SSRI, you could theoretically switch to an "equivalent" dose of another SSRI like fluoxetine (e.g., 100 mg sertraline = 40 mg fluoxetine).

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52 minutes ago, Glatoss said:

I can't get my ass up on SSRIs. It's just all "blahhh"... 
(I've been diagnosed with Depression and SAD)

Wellbutrin is what I’d recommend as it sounds like an issue with energy. Either as an adjunct or mono therapy.

i can barely get my ass down when I’m on a full therapeutic dose.


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1 hour ago, Glatoss said:


I've been thinking maybe Clomipramine..

Clomipramine is a TCA...if sertraline is ur first AD I might not jump to a TCA...the side effect profile can be tougher...also clom could probably sedate you as well (not always but possible). Any reason why that specifically? 

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I don’t think Clomipramine is a good idea for Social anxiety disorder, especially if only trying one SSRI. 

I also personally think SSRIS aren’t the best for social anxiety. 

Does your social anxiety have any underlying aspects? 

Like for me I have never been outgoing. Always had low self-esteem (which is SSRIS have helped) but they in no way make me want to be more socially active.

The ONLY meds to do that? Adderall, Ritalin, and pain meds (oxycodone). I assume this is because they release dopamine, besides Ritalin which reuptake it. That dopamine release gave me confidence, made me outgoing, talkative, etc. Unfortunately you build a tolerance and Adderall isn’t meant or prescribed for such things. There are countless others who get the same feeling. Literally the ONLY time my social anxiety “disappears” is when taking Adderall. Lame. 

So I really think SSRIS are good for anxiety only due to the fact they “tone things down” or kinda numb you. Which is good for many people, bad for others. SSRIS also decrease dopamine, so yeah. 

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