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10 minutes ago, Gatorgirl said:

Okay so good news... I’m feeling pretty decent right now. Voices and paranoia are pretty low volume today so far. I’m going to continue with Abilify 15 mg along with my other meds (no Rexulti anymore) until I see my pnurse this week.

I’ve been on Abilify before and too low of a dose gave me manic symptoms but a good moderate to heavy dose helped to even me out. I thought Rexulti would work better but it made some of my symptoms WORSE!!

I did email my pnurse and inform them about the situation so they are prepared for our appointment.

I had a similar situation with Rexulti, I believe.

It caused me to hear voices and have persecutory delusions when I got to the target dose of 3 mg my pdoc and I agreed upon. Anything below that had made me feel like crap in the past when I had tried it. We thought that a higher dose would brighten me up, but it made me dark and brooding all the time in addition to the aforementioned problems it caused.

I cross-tapered back to Abilify and within days my symptoms started going away. Abilify so far has been the only AAP to fully manage my symptoms.

Good luck, I wish you the best!

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8 hours ago, Gatorgirl said:

So it looks like I’m going back to the 3 mg Rexulti. I took that tonight instead. I keep fighting with myself about my meds. I’m not sure what helps and doesn’t etc. but I see my pnurse this week. I’m going to keep taking all my meds as prescribed til I talk to my doctor about changing. I’m tired of playing with my meds and doses by myself because I’m obviously not a doctor.

So we will see what happens this week. I’m going to suggest Abilify to my pnurse and see where we go from there. I’ll update when that happens.

I do the same thing. I know how you feel. Good luck at your pnurse appointment! Do let us know what happens! :) 

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