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Feeling Kinda Weird

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Ok. So my job in the beginning of November switched gears overnight on me and sent me to work for a new program in a different city. Today was our last day of our training that we were in for 4 weeks. I get along with everyone at work, we have had a lot of fun, and things there are going well. Today I just got word that me and my girlfriend were approved on a rental house that we applied for and go to meet the landlord tomorrow to sign the lease. 

I've been what I consider to be hypo manic for about a month now, as well. I'm bipolar 1 so usually my moods are a lot more elevated than this, but it has been pleasant. No racing thoughts (crazy weird thoughts? yes, racing, no.), no pressured speech, hardly any irritability, sleep has been fantastic. A little impulsive, and I've been really talkative too. But that was until 2 nights ago. I didn't sleep much at all, granted I was sick with a sore throat. I noticed I am more quiet now (someone at work even said I was quiet), and I just heard a track on the streaming radio that made me think of the old days. Nostalgia. And it made me feel like crying, a bit. A little sad now.

So I am wondering if you guys think I might be starting to come down from my hypo mania? I usually know what to expect when I come off of a real full blown manic episode (I am lucky it usually just slowly melts into "normal" rather than depression) but I don't want to be depressed. I really don't. I might need to decrease my Abilify if I keep having sad thoughts and stuff, I can't get depressed, not now, no no no!

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@Alien Navel Cord You mention you've been Hypo for over a month. How do you differentiate hypomania from just a normal, good, positive, productive mood? Sounds like at moment, you are not OVERLY energetic, positive, irritable, or lacking full night's sleep?

We aren't robots - nobody has a 100% even, unemotional, non-variable mood every month. I have chronic depression & recurrent MDD, but about once (every 3 years) I hit a "good" spell (period of 3- 6 mos or more) where I am productive, content, happy, positive, and my sleep, appetite, daily routines stable and unchanged. The only "abnormal" behavior could be talking too much..and a touch of increased irritability (but we are human, these are not necessarily abnormal behaviors right?) Especially if they are not causing issue/harm for yourself or others.

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I think I say hypo because my normal mood is different. I am now not as talkative, not as animated, the ideas I have are no longer bizarre, I am not food-impulsive anymore - I can actually control my eating. I think my overall outlook was really great too and now it is so/so kind of boring. I never once got irritable either! I miss it really. It took forever to come down though. I was on 15mg of Abilify. Now I am taking 12.5 so I don't get too tired. Sleep though, ws not really an issue in this hypo phase. I mean I did have one night where I did not sleep at all, and several others where I had a hard time falling asleep, but for the most part I got great sleep which is also unusual for me, even when "normal".

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