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minor zyprexa drops triggering insomnia?

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Over the past 1.5 months, I've been getting off zyprexa.  I started at 12.5 mg and my pdoc decreased it by 2.5mg every two weeks. 

For other reasons, we've escalated the last drop.  I switched to 2.5 mg two days ago (after 1.5 weeks at 5mg) and I go off it completely on Sunday. 

I've found over the past two days that I'm dealing with some insomnia.  It's manageable.  But noticeable.  I'm still getting an okay total number of hours, but that's because I'm presently unemployed and sleep in a bit later than I should.

Is it possible that the zyprexa is the cause?  It's such a tiny dose change that I feel ridiculous attributing anything to it. 

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I'd say it's a possibility...even though it's a small switch you've been gradually lowering the amount in your system...it could go away if u acclimate and probably isn't super worrying if no other symptoms appear but probably good to tell the doc and see what he thinks 

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