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should i continue therapy?

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hey everyone!

i'm moving back home from university in a little over a week, and in doing that, losing my pdoc (who also does therapy with me). i've been very fortunate to be able to see him every 2-3 weeks for free during the school year, and over the 2ish years i've been seeing him, i've gotten so much better and learned so much. i will be sad to no longer see him.

now i'm at a bit of a confusing crossroad. if i want to continue therapy, i'll have to find a new therapist and start paying out of pocket, which is doable but expensive. the thing is i'm the most stable i've pretty much ever been, which is making me think that i don't really need it anymore. i think therapy is helpful though, particularly in breaking down some of the ocpd stuff that's programmed into me. that said, i have pretty good tools to use from the last couple years, so maybe i can make a go at it on my own?

i see pdoc on thursday and will bring this up with him and see what he recommends, but i wanted to ask CB as well, because i know lots of you have more experience with therapy than i do.

i'm also not sure about finding a pdoc. besides a couple instances of minor dose changes, my meds have been very stable for about a year now. do i really need to find a new one?

thoughts on cost/benefit of therapy when well? advice on finding a new tdoc/pdoc? 

hope you're all well.

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my leaning toward finding someone comes from the personal experience of not needing someone when things were fine and then crashing miserably and having to find someone when things were awful.  I'm not saying that would happen to you, per se...just that it has happened to me (two different variations), so I'd be cautious. 

You could potentially do an intake with a therapist and provide this information and then see him/her infrequently.  Or weekly at the beginning and less so after.  Some therapists do more brief work upfront and then longer spread out maintenance. 

It's a good question to be asking.  I'd definitely say don't do it just for the sake of doing it--make sure you find someone you click with.  But it might be worth considering.

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The first thing that came to mind is, will moving back home be difficult for you? When I say difficult, I guess I’m thinking of whether it will be a huge adjustment, or whether you’ll be happy. I agree with dances, it’s best not to wait til you’re crashing. And readjusting your life might briefly throw you off-kilter... but maybe not, I certainly am not spouting doom and gloom. I guess my feeling would be, it can’t hurt. And you could certainly space your appointments out if you feel they’re not really needed. 

Ha, just had an image of sticking a box of bandaids in your medicine cabinet for an accident that may or may *not* happen. Preparedness? 

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hi everyone, thanks for responding! i think i accidentally turned off my notifications for this thread, so i didn't see your replies until now.

pdoc's opinion was to see how things settle out for a couple weeks, and then re-evaluate then. because i've been pretty stable with medication, his advice on that frontier was to see my family doctor, who should be able to manage my meds as long as nothing severe happens, and can refer me to a pdoc if something bad should happen.

moving home is definitely going to be different, but i think it should go fairly smoothly. the moving process itself is usually stressful for me, but i've managed okay in the past. i'm going to be living with my mum, who i get along with very well, and the pets, who love me very much. moving home puts me closer to my two best friends, so my social life should remain intact. 

dances, rabbit, i hear what you're saying about being proactive instead of having to find a tdoc while in crisis. i have been able to stick out the summers in the past between school years without tdoc/pdoc support, so i have a history of managing for at least a few months. i think what i'm going to do is be careful, watch my mood/symptoms, and re-evaluate after being home for a few weeks.

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