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I know that this is my third post on this board in two days, but as I've said in previous posts, I'm getting really sick of all the pharmies and the whole trial/error thing.  Basically, the reason I want to get an Amino Acid panel is to see which NT precursors I'm low in (if that is in fact my problem) and then to deal with those either with tyrosine/5-HTP/taurine or some sort of drug that increases NE/DA/5-HTP production (ie Remeron, Mirapex, etc.) or a combination of both, of course supervised by my pdoc. 

One of the big reasons I'm questioning available levels is because my Adderall doesn't seem to be doing that much for my motivation, nor is the WB doing much for it or the depression, which leads me to believe there might be a DA deficiency or that there may be a seretonin component to all this (while amphetamine sightly affects SE reuptake, it's quite weak in that respect and I'm not on any other sertonergic drugs, besides Zelnorm, but that works in the gut, not the brain).  It could also be that the Seroquel, by acting as a DA antagonist, is nullifying the therapeutic qualites of the amphetamine and WB.   

My question to all of you is what's the best way to getting this panel done?  Should I do this through my pdoc or should I go through my GP?  My insurance generally covers most blood work, although my mom had to pay out of pocket for salivary hormone testing.  What would be the best excuse, other than looking for a genetic disorder, for getting an amino acid panel covered by insurance?  I would of course like to go to the Amen Clinic, but it's too damned expensive.

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