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orangey, I thought you were married. With a family. Am I mistaken about that?

If you are married, then the only way you could help this guy get a visa and green card is to divorce your husband and leave your family and marry him. Don't ever do that. Never on a whim. I don't care whether this guy is using you or not. You simply are not available. Cut ties with him.

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If I remember that Gerard Derpyderp and Andie MacDowell romcom from the 90's called Green Card correctly then you do have to marry them in order for them to get a green card. Not that I'm an expert or anything, as if my opening sentence didn't make that clear enough. (If you aren't old enough to remember Gerard Derprderp he was a French actor with a face like a misshapen potato who briefly became a heartthrob in the 90's for some unknown reason. Last I heard he'd moved to Russia to avoid paying tax, so sounds like a great guy.)

If you have doubts then don't marry him. I haven't seen Runaway Bride but Richard Gere has always seemed a bit dim and Julia Roberts was probably justified in jilting him.

To be serious though, don't do anything if you don't feel that it's not right. Us 'crazy' people can sometimes doubt ourselves and wonder if how we see things is how they actually are (Which isn't saying that I doubt you, just throwing my own problems out there not knowing if they're relevant or not). What you wrote does sound concerning though, and if nothing is adding up then don't do anything that you're uncomfortable doing.

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Well getting married for a green card isn't too uncommon. However there's a bunch of questions that get asked by immigration to ensure that the relationship isn't based on getting one of the members a green card.

As to determining if your partner is seeking just that, I have no honest way of determining that. It seems like one of those "hindsight is 20/20" occurrences.

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