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I recently got increased on my Latuda for some mixed symptoms - I'd been on 60mg one night and 80mg the next to even out at 70mg overall and we went up to just straight 80mg, so not a large increase. I've been stable for a long time, so it's been a while since I've really had to change anything. This morning I'm noticing some cognitive symptoms, which are definitely not fun. Trouble reading and thinking, mostly. 

I'm wondering how long it usually takes you to adjust to a new dosage in terms of side effects - if you have experience with Latuda, great, or just in general. I remember whole new meds take a month or longer but I don't really remember how long just dose increases take. 

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Dose increases often take as long as when you first started taking the med. From personal experience I have had TCA's, SSRI's, Effexor, and Welburtrin take as long, on raising the dose, to kick in.

In terms of side effects, some are dose dependent and some are not. So in some cases the fact that you are already on the meds buffers how bad the side effects will be, if you have them at all. Every dosage change of Lamictal brought on side effects but, provided I was at least at 100 mg they only lasted about a week.

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For a dose change to reach steady state in the blood stream for Latuda should be <10 days but more like 4 or 5. However, as notloki indicated, there are changes in receptor sensitivity that occur beyond that meaning you may continue seeing change well into Week 2 after a dose increase. Most AAPs work more quickly than antidepressants but the truth remains that effects on mood can take a few weeks.

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