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Omega 3/Fish Oil and Skin Problems

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I tried using Omega 3/Fish Oil for a few weeks. I noticed an improvement in my mood stability, but I also noticed a increase in flare-ups with my already sensitive skin -- and much more severe flare-ups at that. Stopped taking the Omega 3 for about the last 1.5 weeks, and while my skin has already calmed down, my mood definitely has been worse.

Don't know if this is a problem with using Omega 3/Fish Oil itself, or if it's maybe a matter of the product quality.

Anyone have experience with this?

Thanks for whatever input you can give.


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Guest FrannyNZooey

revlow you might want to check with other brand. My doctor when told her taking capsules she said poor delivery and so many were not fresh at all as should be, why get fish taste, burps, I did, anyway, and even sometimes belly queaze.

She is all for and only Carlson Norweigian cod liver oil, all norweigian white fish caught and bottled there, and very high stndards of freshness, keep refrigerated.

Higher level too of the EPA's and DHA's and total omegas than any capsule i took.

i found at whole food stores, lot of natural type food stores carry it, so no ordering or fees.

About 14 dollars for one month.


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Hubby found that the fish oil HELPS his skin. He has psoriasis.


I know. You'd think it would help skin problems. (Glad it does with your hubby.)

I know my skin has become more sensitive since taking Lamictal, and it was sensitive to begin with. So when my skin really flared up, I figured it must be the Lamictal as I was titrating higher. Then the timing occurred to me, and I quit the fish oil. Sure would like to be able to take it for mood though.

Going to ask my doc about the possibility of using Omacor, the new prescription version. And if he won't do that, then I guess I'll experiment with brands.

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That's the other way I've been considering. Probably will pick some up the next time I'm in the big city.

My concern is that all the studies showing any positive effects for mood disorder have used at least 1000 mg of EPA. So I'd like to get that amount without the apparent SE to my skin. At least with the fish/flax/borage combos I've looked at, you'd have to take a shitpile to get there. But maybe with the combo I wouldn't need as much?

I've been eating flax seeds every morning for years (couple Tbs ground up and added to my cereal). Never did anything re: mood stabilization, but maybe I wasn't getting enough of the ALA needed to convert?

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Heya revlow,

I never really noticed much change in my skin either way when on and off fish oils.

I use a brand here called Jamieson.  400:300 EPA:DHA.

I've had no fish burps at all.

I think the fish oils themselves could possibly be the cause/a cause of your skin probs.

But the other crap in the caps and the coatings could also be involved, b/c after all, there as here, so-called "natural" drugs aren't bloody well regulated so who the hell knows what's in them.

(Come *on.*  I (OK, not I in particular, oath and whatnot, but some other guy, preferably with an Internet-mill degree) can pick a bunch of toadstools and chokecherries in the backyard, mush them up, give them fancy Chinese-sounding names, and call the result an ancient cultural supplement that'll fix you up with no side effects, and noone to stop me.  Even better, mix it with a billion litres of water, shake it up for a while, and sell it in tiny dribs as magic water.  End rant ... now.)

Imports from places like Germany are most likely to be "pure."  The regulations are tighter.

And I'm *very* encouraged that someone has gone to the lengths of patenting some kind of fish oils and making it an official drug, b/c now it'll be (1) regulated and (2) researched properly.

Let us know if you get an rx.


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