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Venlafexine 112.5

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Have you tried an SSRI before? Usually SSRIs are the first choice before SNRIs.

Venlafaxine is, in theory, an SSRI at lower dosages, but it is the same active substance that blocks all three. So in your case it *may* hit the NET although it is "not supposed to".

If the NET activity is too high for you, you can try Prozac, which an SSRI with some indirect NE/DA enhancing properties (less than that of SNRIs).
Lexapro is the "purest" of SSRIs, hitting, for the most part, only the SERT. This can be an option if any NE enhancement gives you anxiety.


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8 minutes ago, Ethansmom said:

I just bumped up from 187.5 to 225 a week ago and am getting heart flutters everyday; I’m irritable and super hungry. The heart flutters freak me out. I think I’m going back down to 187.5. Anyone else have this issue?

Not on Effexor, but I did get it on Wellbutrin. I don't do well with meds that mess with norepinephrine. They make me irritable, anxious, dysphoric, and I feel the effects on my heart too.

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18 hours ago, deeschmee said:

Is making me panicky? Heart racing, shaky hands, agitation, trouble staying asleep.

Can this be true? 

I thought that norepinephrine wasn't even released until 150?

This stinks

Action on norepinephrine (NE) doesn't magically kick in at 150 mg. It's always there but less than the serotonin reuptake inhibition, and it is considered to reach a significant amount of NE reuptake inhibition at 150 mg. However, you might be sensitive to it and even the amount of NE reuptake inhibition at 112.5 is too much for you.

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23 hours ago, Ethansmom said:

I take 187.5 and just bumped up. I’m going to reduce my dose tomorrow. I hate feeling pissed off and irritable for no reason. I hope i don’t feel any withdraw since it’s only been 9 days?

If you were stopping the med altogether then you might get discontinuation effects.

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