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12 hours ago, deeschmee said:

Adverse Childhood Experiences.

Anyone ever hear of this questionare?

I had to look this up, because I had never heard of it, but it is  an actual test/quiz about traumatic events  that may have happened before your 18th birthday:


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I got a 4.

There have been lots of studies about the correlation between the total experiences and health implications--both mental and physical health.  It was a little surprising when it came out because it was a pretty homogeneous crowd (white middle-aged).  I think they've replicated it with other populations now.

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Having gotten a score of 0, I'm guessing that my MI is not related to traumatic childhood experiences.......

My father did not have any MI himself, but several female relatives on his side of the family did......My aunt (dad's sister) was an alcoholic, was depressed,  and accidentally killed herself at age 52,  by mixing pills and alcohol........We believe it was accidental because she didn't leave a note.

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