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Chocolate has PEA (phenethylamine) in it, which is a NDRA (norepinephrine-dopamine releasing agent) like amphetamine. However, it is rapidly metabolized by MAO-B (monoamine oxidase B) and its effects in the brain are thus limited. I would say this could theoretically be a reason, but I can't see it being as such, because it would be impossible for its effects to last more than a few hours if I recall correctly.

However, if it releases just the right amount of norepinephrine or dopamine to offset your neurochemical homeostasis, it could in theory be a reason for your depression that you feel a few days later. But I just can't see that being the case (then again, I'm no professional). I would see the effects of chocolate happening more rapidly than that.

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Chocolate also contains tryptophan I believe, which is a serotonin pre-cursor. It would increase serotonin supply and thus serotonin signaling, then the brain would compensate by REDUCING serotonin outflow, and that process could be on a delay in the order of a day or two.

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