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So... what's your favourite antipsychotic?

It's hard for me to pick out a winner; so many of them have been good but not the ultimate answer. Clozapine has been the most effective, but Aripiprazole was the most advantageous when it comes to depression. Stelazine has been the most calming and Risperidone was my first success, tackling psychosis (even if the side effects were intolerable).

Olanzapine and Quetiapine were both big let downs and did nothing.

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Most of the AAP's that end in -pine work so so or ok for me. Decent I guess. But never enough. I needed 2-3. Thus the need for trying Clozapine currently. 

Seroquel XR and Clozapine have been the best and maybe zyprexa somewhat, but abilify I don't know I've been on it so long I don't know if it does anything anymore?

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On 12/10/2018 at 1:37 PM, Simba Cub said:

Stelazine has been the most calming

YES! Another Stelazine fan! I love Stelazine! It is, indeed, so calming! I'll never forget the first time I took it, it was almost transcendental. Only thing is it gets a bit sedating if the dose gets too high.

Abilify is probably my second favorite after Stelazine for mood, but it is giving me impulse problems.

Geodon is nice too, but it is a bit sedating at the dose I need to take it at. The meal requirements are annoying though.

Latuda was my first AP and it did me well for a while.

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Of the ones I've tried, Rexulti and Zyprexa tie for the top. I usually respond fairly well to -pines, but Rexulti was the first time that I was able to get outside of that box.

In a crisis scenario, I would probably go back to Zyprexa, but Rexulti has worked so well for me, I see no reason to at this point.

EDIT: Saphris wasn't half bad either. Only thing is it gave me HORRIBLE hiccups. I don't know how or why, but it did.

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If that counts...

I've been on a very low-dose Risperidone, now on a very low-dose Abilify, for intrusive thoughts (ocd).

Both did/do the trick.

Risperidone is more calming (good) but sedating (so so). Every morning feels like coming out of hibernation (bad).

1mg made me flat which can be good or bad depends on the state you are in.

Abilify is more balanced on the calm-energising scale. 5mg feels somewhat weird, 7.5mg flat again.

I guess I can't really recommend either.

Maybe APs are not for me...



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I like vraylar, works well on paranoia and delusions.  It does keep me calm most of the time, but when my depression is really bad it doesn't.  It works silently in the background.  No side effects to speak of except when I started it I had insomnia. 

I wish it had an antidepressant effect to it, but it really doesn't.  This is why I kinda want to try rexulti.  

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