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Oxycodone - suicidal side effect?

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i seem to have a sensitivity to codeine based pharmaceuticals. years ago i had an episode of suicidal thoughts, bad, very serious, after being sick and prescribed codeine cough syrup. just recently i have been having some health issues causing pain, and my doctor prescribed oxycodone,  very low dose, i only took it a couple days around thanksgiving, and then again this past friday night. by saturday morning i was a suicidal mess. i wailed through my entire tdoc session. i was actually able to get myself there bc i was so scared. but i went in my pajamas. i'm only feeling back to normal today. (i also flipped out when i took it around thanksgiving, but my boyfriend was here and kept talking me off the ledge and suggested i stop taking the meds, so that cleared up after a couple days and i felt better.)

i just can't seem to find any understanding of this. if it's a known side effect, what the brain chemistry interaction is. i read recently that the oxy doesn't eliminate pain, but tricks your brain into thinking it doesn't feel the pain. so,  i am assuming this means brain chemical manipulation = the effect i am experiencing. 

trust me, i won't be going near these drugs ever again. but i would still like to understand the science of it if anyone can help out. a lot of this stuff is really difficult for me to understand when i find resources with information. appreciate any information anyone has to share.

also i wasn't sure where to put this, sorry if it's in the wrong place.

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