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Jobs and Anxiety

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I don't "do" call center work. I can make outbound calls to businesses for business things. Where people are getting paid to talk with me. But inbound calls from customers or patients, no. My anxiety blows through the roof and I get sick and start to cycle then I am on STD for 2 months. Vicious cycle. Anyway...

I had to get a new job because the one I am at now switched me to a new program and this program entails taking inbound calls from patients for a drug patient assistance program. I flipped out and said NO, I am getting something offline. I can't talk to people.

Do any of you have triggers at your job that make you anxious, to the point where you seriously consider quitting? My wife thinks I need to just settle down, I don't know how to possibly convey what it feels like to me when confronted with these triggering situations. 

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20 minutes ago, Alien Navel Cord said:

 My wife thinks I need to just settle down, I don't know how to possibly convey what it feels like to me when confronted with these triggering situations. 

Do you have a therapist you could talk to about the triggering situations?.....That might help.....

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i had an office intern/assistant type job at an accounting firm when i was in high school. mostly i did filing and putting paperwork together, but they wanted me to answer the phones too. i didn't have to answer questions or anything, all i had to do was get the caller's name and reason for calling, and then transfer them to the person they wanted to talk to. i absolutely couldn't. i would have panic attacks. i told my boss i couldn't, and she was sympathetic, but it was really embarrassing. at the end of tax season, they didn't need me anymore and i was SO relieved. the other phone-answering job i had was at sears, where i did catalogue stuff and office maintenance. that also scared the shit out of me, but after working there a couple years, i kind of hardened to it and stopped giving a shit. i really hated that job.

i have gotten slightly better at phones. the right meds helped a lot. i haven't had to do phone stuff at the job i've had for the last few years, but i think i maybe could now. anyway, i totally get where you're coming from, and that sounds awful. i hope your new job doesn't require taking calls.

does just answering phones in general make you anxious? would exposure via having friends call to chat be useful? i had a serious fear of anything to do with phones -- texts and calls. just messaging and chatting with friends made it easier over time.

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I work at a car dealership, and sometimes my job entails calling the manufacturer. I usually just leave sticky notes on the paperwork with instructions for my boss to call them. He knows "I'm not good with people." Sometimes the tension comes out as aggression; and he'd rather deal with it than risk me ruining things. It's as close to good as I could get.

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Anything customer service makes me so anxious that I get a gag reflex and throw up. I've had retail jobs that did the same thing to me that taking phone calls does. I start a new job tomorrow, that entails no inbound phone calls - maybe the odd outbound call but nothing on a regular basis. I still am reeling from all the anxiety the last job was starting to give me. I have strategies that I put in place, like deep breathing, muscle tensing & relaxing, etc but nothing works quite like medication does. I had a new prescription for lorazepam sent in to the new pharmacy near my new home and the pharmacy has it on back order and it's been that way about a month they said. *sigh*  I did go to therapy for my anxiety in the past, it was CBT but I found it did not really help. It helped me stop being agoraphobic, but the anxiety and panic are still present. Therapy has not helped me with much of any of my things, to be honest...

Hopefully after tomorrow I will calm down.

Aside from meds, does anyone have good strategies for reducing panic attacks, or preventing them? Any herbal remedies? I used to sniff lavender when I was anxious and it helped. Maybe I need a bag o' lavender to take with me...

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