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Trintellix failed, how long does the withdrawal/discontinuation effect last?

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Had to stop 20mg trintellix due to severe headaches and nausea.  Told to take 10mg for 7 days and discontinue.  

So far two days off 20mg.  Already feeling very agitated and angry. 

Supposed to start wellbutrin after the taper.  Will that help alleviate the symptoms?

Honestly I don't really care.  I just want a quick and painless death.  Sorry for wasting your time. 

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20mg is a bit much for me too particularly during the Spring and Summer. Far too activating.

I'm not sure if your pdoc left the titration schedule up to you based on your comfort level, but Wellbutrin actually inhibits the metabolism of Trintellix meaning it slows down the body's ability to clear it from your system. Pdocs currently use Prozac to taper people off of antidepressants due to the same metabolic mechanism. You can go cold turkey on another antidepressant and just do a hard cutover to 10mg of fluoxetine for a week before discontinuing the fluoxetine.

The titration your pdoc provided makes sense. 10mg Trintellix for a week and then on Day 8, don't take the Trintellix and take the Wellbutrin instead. Wellbutrin should assist your body with slowly tapering Trintellix the rest of the way from 10mg to 0.

Then from there, it will take 2-3 weeks for Wellbutrin and all of its metabolites to reach steady state and also about 2 weeks for Trintellix to completely clear your system. So don't expect to reasonably evaluate how you feel until Week 4 or so.

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