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Partial Seizures? Exhaustion? Lamictal Change?

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I've got a neuro appointment coming up. These past few months I've had symptoms of what I suspect to be simple partial seizures. I've called my neuro, who thinks it could just be exhaustion and was surprised to find out that the Elavil he has me on doesn't make me sleepy. Nothing does. We've been over this. My brain hates me. Sleep and I haven't been on good terms for, well, ever. 

I've had feelings of the floor giving out/spinning beneath my feet (no visual disturbances though).

A few nights ago my arm started being "dragged" upward. I felt like my brain was firing in eighty directions, and I felt like I wasn't controlling my body. I was an observer. There was intense panic and nothing felt real. 

I've had other times where I suddenly become aware (as though I woke up despite being fully conscious to begin with) and then things seem unsettling. Something's off. I've gone blank. I can't think.

My left hand has been getting numb and tingly again. 

I'm having a really hard time focusing. It's made schoolwork near impossible. I forget what I'm doing in the middle of doing it.

I'm going to get my bloodwork done and get my Lamictal levels checked. We might try a 48 hr EEG which I'm hoping I can do at home. 

I started wondering if it could be the manufacturer change. I work in pharmacy, and for the most part we do believe that generics are pretty much consistent. There are few exceptions, but Lamictal is not one of those drugs that have a "narrow therapeutic index."

I'm hoping someone could provide some insight. I talked to my pharmacist who suggested that if we deem it a manufacturer issue to ask my neuro if there's one he prefers. 



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