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Meds options. Benzo alternatives

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I've been in CBT for about 3 years and boy has it made a difference but I still struggle a lot with ocd

I have the type of OCD with none to minimal compulsions and my compulsions are cognitive so people don't even know I'm doing them 

I also struggle with Generalized anxiety disorder and social anxiety I also have phobias of bugs etc and get panic attacks 

I tried Prozac 60mg for about a year did nothing but make me rapid cycle 

Tried luvox 10mg  made me rapid cycle 

Tried seroquel all the way to 400mg no benefits 

Tried gabapentin for 4 weeks no improvement, 900mg 

Clonidine .03mg no improvement just tired and sleepy 

Looking for an add on medication to my venlafaxine XR 225mg for OCD, GAD, Social phobia and panic attacks. Can't go any higher on the effect with going manic 

I've heard Nacetyl cysteine is good 

I've also heard good things about lyrica and marinol

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An AAP may be good for augmentation of Effexor.
Seroquel may not be the right one, there are many others: Risperidone, Zyprexa and Abilify are quite common.

If you are after GABAergic meds (but not Benzo), I wouldn't look into Lyrica before trying something like Lamictal or Topamax.
These two just have more documented research for psychiatric conditions.

From personal experience, these GABA meds were overall better for my similar-to-yours OCD. Abilify is good for intrusive thoughts, if you have these.

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I take Vistaril which works for the most part. I still have breakthrough panic and anxiety attacks, but in general everyday life it works to keep the anxiety at bay. It doesn't make you feel sleepy or weird either. It doesn't make you feel anything. I just notice that whenever I take it, about 20 minutes later I no longer am freaking out. 

I took both lyrica/pregabalin and gabapentin, and both helped too. I had to stop them for various reasons but they did help lessen the severity of the anxiety.

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