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I took Naltrexone for reducing SH for quite a while. The effects were... ambiguous. My urges come and go as it is, varying to some extent with my mood. I’m not sure Naltrexone made a substantial enough difference to be worth the monthly copay for me.

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I was on Naltraxone for all of a few days. If I wasn't in the hospital during this time I would likely have died as I experienced anaphylaxis fromc a a sit. For the few days I took it, I 
actually more irate and irrational, but that may be due to me going through a med switch in addition to being trialed on Naltraxone. 

I hope it proves helpful for you.

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I took Naltrexone for alcohol dependence, but as a nice aside it also dampened my self harm urges a lot.  I'd been a self-harmer for 15 years by the time I tried it, so the behavior was pretty ingrained.  It slowed down the urges (and the cravings to drink as well).  I thought it was an effective med.

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