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letting the dissociation/depersonalization happen

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So by the title I don't mean to suggest that you have control over when the dissociation/depersonalization starts.  But...I'm trained to try to "catch it" and then "do something about it."  That usually translates to grounding exercises of some sort. 

Do you ever observe it and not try to do something about it?  It seems like it could get you through a difficult situation perhaps.  For example, I'm going home to a family event and I'm concerned it might happen--but then realized that it might help to have my brain check out.  The emotional and verbal intensity of it will be huge.

I don't mean to minimize the harm caused by either or make it seem like it's okay that it happens.  I'm just wondering whether you always fight it. 

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Most of the time I just observe and do nothing else. I only try to reduce it if having it is dangerous or has potential to lead to behaviour that I am trying to reduce.

By dangerous, I mean if it is necessary to have awareness of my surroundings for the purpose of travel so I don't get lost, or if I need awareness because I am doing something important where not having it could kick me in the face later, I will try to reduce it, although for me that is mostly ineffective and my dissociation, regardless of the type, is impenetrable. 

But, that being said, I am very much adapted to having it. I understand that is rather uncommon. I also don't find it distressing. Sure, I hate it, but there is no point to me in beating myself up for it, because I didn't ask for it or cause it and life has to go on regardless of it is there. 


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I am weird.  I mostly don't recognize when it happens. My husband says I stare into space.

I usually notice when it ends and I am startled and have to orient myself.  

Anything unusual is hard for me to tolerate. I don't know how to ride out emotions. So, I don't think I could just let it happen.

It sounds like it could be a good idea. I wish I could control it. Imagine tuning out at the dentist.

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