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I’m sorry. I don’t understand. Are you saying that professionals are saying that loud or screaming voices isn’t a SZ symptom? Because that doesn’t seem to be accurate with what I’ve seen people write or talk about even. Or hell, what I’ve even experienced at bad and low times. On meds it doesn’t seem to be as bad and loud IME. But still. It has been in the past definitely yelling. 

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I mean it's not listed as a symptom. It's usually just hears voices. has delusions and paranoia (as well as other stuff). No mention specifically of screaming voices. I had no idea this was a thing until it happened to me. I thought only I got screamed at but nope apparently not. No one told me it was possible. I see lots of people talk about it but no doctor has ever asked me if it happens and I don't think it's listed as a symptom in the DSM.


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When I had a psychotic breakdown early this year I definitely was living in a false world, backed by my delusion that a family member had died suddenly and I just got the news when I woke up that day. I have no idea where, why, or how this happened, but I was living in an alternate reality at that time and had very loud, instrusive thoughts. I specifically remember that day having to see a meditation specialist because they didnt have anywhere else to put me unti my psychiatrist appointment time, and her telling me to relax, and just to start counting 1,2,3,4, etc... in my head as she guided me through meditation. But I remember saying to her "I can't hear myself counting because my negative thoughts are drowning it out because it's so loud in my head" then she replied "then start counting louder, more assertive. Don't make this voice scream or sound angry, but do make it lets you release other thoughts for a moment..."

I know what ya mean by the screaming voices, sometimes I get them in dreams (not often) but it's pretty distressing upon awakening because I will be in a confused state of mind and have a negative/creepy feeling as if something bad happened, is happening or is going to happen. 

How can you describe your delusions? What/how do they manifest

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