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I’m doing a bit better but my phych is no longer taking medical. He was the biggest piece of crap anyway. So I’m stuck on risperdal till January 15 when I see my new doctor. I still have major voice issues. Geodon put in mania and Seroquel made me dark and creepy  ?

What meds have helped you? 

What med combos have helped you?   


“You’re beautiful because you know your own darkness and still, that alone doesn’t stop you from finding your own light” 

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2 hours ago, Help4me said:

No I’ve been on all of them except Abilify. Ten years Ive been sick. Only started this online support a couple years ago. I was told a few times clozeral may be a lifesaver. Is it helping you cheese ? 

Oh ok I understand now. 

IME Clozapine has barely helped me. But I'll take any help I can get. But I'm only on 350 mg. My Dr said we could go up to 700 mg even or so. So there is room to go up still.

It's just frustrating when nothing works. My Dr says I have treatment resistant psychosis.

The weekly blood work is a pain to do. My mom takes me to get it done or else I would not keep up with it. It's a lot of work I won't lie. 

And the side effects can be a lot to deal with. Again though, ymmv. 

I hope you find something that works. 

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7 minutes ago, Help4me said:

Are you at least able to stay home and be a part of life. I keep wanting to go to the streets again. I won’t survive there again 

I am living in a house with a family member.  But I don't participate in life.  All I do is go to the doc once a month and buy food.  

I've thought about moving somewhere warm and dropping out of society.  I just wouldn't know how to survive without medication. 


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Honestly my family refers to me as crazy.  I'd rather be around them as little as possible. 

Taking - Vraylar, trintellix, gabapentin, klonopin and dexedrine. 

Hopefully going to get to try rexulti, as the antidepressant doesn't help by itself. 

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1 hour ago, cakepop said:

I can’t work. I stay home all day laying around because I have no motivation or energy to do anything. 

My current meds seem to be helping... Zyprexa and Prozac. @Wonderful.Cheese let me know this combo is called Symbyax.

Symbax is interesting. It's generally an efficient combination, but for it to be called Symbax a certain ratio of antipsychotic to antidepressant must be maintained, not dynamic doses.

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