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Anyone go from vraylar to rexulti?

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Since my newest antidepressant isn't working on its own , I'm going to ask to try rexulti.  

Currently on 3mg vraylar, so I am wondering how hard the changeover would be. 

I take Gabapentin, Vraylar, trintellix, Klonopin and dexedrine. 

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I'm actually kind of curious of the Wellbutrin and Vraylar would invalidate each other in a way. The point of Wellbutrin is to inhibit the norepinephrine and dopamine transporter, but Vraylar activates dopamine receptors which would slow down dopamine release into the synapse and thus making Wellbutrin's job more difficult. I would think the same would be said for Abilify and Wellbutrin but it's confusing because I know there are people on here who rely on the Wellbutrin/Abilify combo to stay afloat. Theoretically, Rexulti would cause more dopamine release than Vraylar because it has a lower intrinsic activity at dopamine receptors and that should enhance the Wellbutrin. Regardless, Wellbutrin combined with Abilify, Rexulti, or Vraylar is always an interesting combo that seems to do wonders.

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