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Introversion and energy

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Not a big deal at all, but curious.  Anyone up to speed on introversion and energy levels?

what I mean is that I’m definitely an introvert, but I’ve now twice in the past two weeks had someone comment on how much brighter I looked and the only common thread was that I had spent the earlier parts of the day interacting with people/a person.  One was my pdoc after a day of doing errands with my parents and the other was a friend recently after i had met someone earlier in the day for coffee.  I was still tired at the end of it all and needed to retreat, but for that afternoon/early evening apparently I looked better than I had in a while.  Sleep, meds, etc. were the same between those days and other days.

obviously not a big deal.  Not going to lose sleep over it.  But curious whether anyone has seen this pattern before.

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Exact same thing happens to me. I’m clearly an introvert, however sometime I wonder if I’m really not and it’s the MI that makes me introverted but not necessarily an introvert? That probably didn’t make too much sense, but yeah.

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As far as I know, introvert and the other personality types aren't really hard and fast like that. Jung didn't do brain scans or scientific studies or scientific observation, he didn't he based them on personal observation, isn't that right? So you can imagine how there'd be  a lot of variation within the character. At the same time, it really feels right, it's a useful category!

I definitely find social interaction exhausting, but if I just have a small amount, the act of acting like I'm happy for the sake of others does seem to actually put me in a better mood... so long as it doesn't go on for too long, if it goes on for too long I spend the rest of the day exhausted and irritable.

It's like, you know that pencil study where if people put the pencil in their mouth this way for a while they ended up feeling happier in the end? (but if they held it a different way nothing happened). The pencil forces you to smile, and when you meet people you don't just have to smile you have to make your voice sound happy and your movements energetic, so all that might make you happier, so long as it doesn't exhaust you!

Apparently this doesn't work for autistic people. Here's the wikipedia article on it: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Facial_feedback_hypothesis

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