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Adderall and ADD

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Anyone else get the spinning thoughts after taking adderall?

I take 10mgs in the morning and it just speeds things up for about 3.5hrs, where I have all these ideas and more creativity.

Then after the 4hrs I am back down again ready for a nap

We tried the 20mg/dy but it caused me to have palpitations.

My question is, Is the speed of thoughts supposed to be the focus effect??

I'm having a hard time describing to my Dr. how a drug is effecting me and also I dont know what to suggest to them either. 

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Are you more or less functional when you take the stuff? If you end up getting things done, or coping with things better, maybe it's good, but your description sounds otherwise. I don't feel like my thoughts are spinning, at least not often, though I sometimes feel a bit speedy. It occurs to me that 10mg may actually be too much. I see on your other thread that you've been stuck with the generic, which is easy to break down to as little as 2.5 mg. Wouldn't hurt to try those lower doses to see what happens. If you're just starting, you'll find it's easier to tolerate after a while.

If the stuff only lasts 3.5 hrs, maybe you should take it again after 3.5 hours?

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