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Anyone else have these symptoms?

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I'm startin to wonder if I am really ADD, with the crappy Dr's I've had. I am having to diagnose myself most times  :embarassed: 


Short attention span, unless very interested in something

Easily distracted, tendency to drift away (although at times can be hyperfocused)

Lacks attention to detail, due to distractibility

Trouble listening carefully to directions

Skips around while reading, or goes to the end first, trouble staying on track

Poor listening skills

Tendency to be easily bored (tunes out)

Frequent, impulsive job changes

Starting projects but not finishing them, poor follow through

Enthusiastic beginnings but poor endings

Spends excessive time at work because of inefficiencies

Inconsistent work performance

Chronic sense of under achievement, feeling you should be much further along in your life than you are

Chronic problems with self-esteem

Sense of impending doom

Mood swings


Frequent feeling of demoralization or that things won't work out for you 

Trouble sustaining friendships or intimate relationships, promiscuity

Trouble with intimacy

Tendency to be immature

Prone to hysterical outburst

Avoids group activities

Trouble with authority

Quick responses to slights that are real or imagined

Rage outbursts, short fuse

Frequent search for high stimulation ( doing many things at once, etc.)

Tendency to worry needlessly and endlessly

Switches around numbers, letters or words

Poor writing skills (hard to get information from brain to pen)

Performance becomes worse under pressure.

Test anxiety, or during tests your mind tends to go blank

The harder you try, the worse it gets

Work or schoolwork deteriorates under pressure

Tendency to turn off or become stuck when asked questions in social situations

Falls asleep or becomes tired while reading

Difficulty falling asleep, may be due to too many thoughts at night

Difficulty coming awake (may need coffee or other stimulant or activity before feeling fully awake)

Periods of low energy, especially early in the morning and in the afternoon

Frequently feeling tired

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Secrets, did you copy my MO?  You sound almost exactly like me.  My brain has been a non stop skipping record for the past 3 months.  I can't tell you whether or not I do have ADD - never diagnosed, but with all the multiple things going on in my brain lately, I wonder what the hell is wrong with me.  Not bi-polar, just a good heaping dose of anxiety, depression, little OCD mixed in there, prob. some ADD.  Let me know where you get with this...Kris.

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yeah  this is exactly me as well ;)

tomarrow i meet with a lady who did psych testing for me so i will let you guys know what she says, in case you are interested.  i certainly will be!

do you guys have some social problems too, partly due to the fact that your brain is moving all over the place and has trouble staying with the conversation..?

best of luck to you all

and let me know if you have any strategies for managing this stuff, especially anything having to do with social situations


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yes, i have a lot of those symptoms. 

is there a specific reason you doubt the dx?

have you read any books on ADD?  I'm fond of Delivered from Distraction which i pseudo reviewed in this thread where a few people talked about books they liked on ADD.

if you want, you can seek out an ADD specalist (usually they mostly treat children, but that just means there are cool toys in the waiting room) if you don't trust your doctor(s)' diagnosis.  there is also a test called the tova that is recognized as a good diagnostic test for ADD.


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Switches around numbers, letters or words


That's a symptom of ADD? I always thought that was called dyslexia, or maybe I'm thinking of something else... (though that would be better if it were an ADD symptom since I'm always switching letters and numbers around I get worried that I had that dyslexia)

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Seems like a lot of docs don't know a lot about ADD. I was diagnosed at 45, about a year and a half ago. Still have problems with the label, but it explains a lot. It's probably important to see someone who knows ADD pretty well. Even if they can just definitively say it's not ADD, that's still useful.

That list looks awfully familiar. From the Amen site? Compiled partly from DSM IV? I've got a bunch of those symptoms.

There's a lot of variety here. I don't think everyone with ADD has as much trouble remembering things as I do, for instance. But I don't have a whole lot of trouble with impulse control, except on very rare (like maybe 10 years apart) occasions. Then, it's memorable! (Fortunately even then, even if raging mad, I don't seem to want to actually hurt someone. Last time, the assholes deserved it, and maybe I could have gone that far, but I didn't want to and it started to seem like a real bad idea. Fortunately. (I was physically attacked while riding my bike, just to entertain them. They ended up with a lot of dirt in their car, tho. If only I'd had a cell phone, I could have put them in a world of trouble, maybe, and saved the next cyclist.) I also seem to be able to deal with details pretty well, except sometimes for forgetting where things are. For instance, I can do a semi gnarly tax return, tho I've learned it isn't worth the aggravation. And sometimes I can work myself up to make fairly attractive physical things, like picture frames with tight joints, or a nice cherry bookshelf, or carve a decent oar. And when I revise, I write quite well, tho I'm not revising very much here. OTOH, without Adderall, ignoring the TV in the pizza joint is pretty tough.

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Anyone know a good doc in the dc metro area. MDs here are ridiculous. I found out this week my doc gave me the wrong kind of adderall ;)   Its the generic regular kind, and I have been taking xr for months now....

As far as the memory thing, sometimes if I walk to another room to get something or do something, I forget what it was I was supposed to be doing just that quick.

Ido I got that list from adultadd.com I believe, one of those sites online somewhere.

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I take the generic stuff and it seems ok. Lasts 5 or 6 hours, so I have to take it again. But it's probably good for your doc to discuss that you are going to someting different before you get to the pharmacy!!!

Anyone know a good doc in the dc metro area. MDs here are ridiculous. I found out this week my doc gave me the wrong kind of adderall ;)
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